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Pharma/Life Science

The whole pharmaceutical industry is shifting from medical risk/benefit decision making to cost/benefit decision making. Pharmaceuticals companies hope to increase sales by making information a value-added component of the drug contracts. The shift to managed care has affected not just sales and marketing but also fundamental cost structure of the pharmaceutical. Utilizing information technology in effective and efficient manner is a critical component for business success and gaining the competitive edge.

Java R&D Labs understands Pharma business challenges and committed to deliver exceptional technology solutions for the Pharma/Life science industry. We help you to reengineer your manufacturing, order processing, and customer service and distribution process. Java R&D Labs leverages its rich inheritance and substantial technology base and experience to offer a truly unique value proposition for its clients. By, we provide unparalleled customized solutions for the Pharmaceutical/Life Science Industry.

Our solutions include:

Data integration and Data Warehousing
Migrating from the mainframe and architecting a networked, flexible client/server system to speed the sharing of information between the business functions as well as between strategic business partners
Reengineering the supply chain in order to increase productivity and wring costs out of the manufacturing, distribution and sales functions
Customer relationship management
Data Mining
Sales Data and Claims Data management systems
Longitudinal Patient Data management systems
Business Intelligence solutions
Clinical Trial solutions
21CFR11 assessment and Computer Systems Validation
Application Management for legacy systems
ERP implementation, upgrade, and maintenance services
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Java R&D Labs prepares to join the bandwagon of Bioinformatics
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