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Learning and Certification

Earning some of the most prestigious recognition of industry by our associates has not been so easy. It is the result of continuous learning effort and hard work put in, as a company we pursue relevant certifications and celebrate their attainment.

We honour learning as an elemental piece of our growth and success, and we make it part of all we do. We believe learning is a continuous process which timely nurtures your skill and helps to grow and flourish. In this world of fast moving technological changes we know what our clients desire for. We don't chase the technologies but we do deep root it in ourselves.

When you choose Java R&D Labs, our knowledge and experience become yours. You get the technologies, domain expertise and skill sets that your organisation needs for success.

We do take care in maintaining a balance between technical, industry and leadership training. Java R&D Labs is responsible for the quality of the project delivered, that's why we hire the quality people. Java R&D Labs's dedication to the continual improvement of our associates is a part of our culture.

Various technology certification earned by our professionals
Mercury Certification
IBM-DB2 Certification
Sun Certification
Solaris Certification
Red-Hat Certification
Microsoft Certification
Cisco Certification
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