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Working With Java R&D Labs
At Java R&D Labs, we strive to give you a full-fledged career; we believe in offering much more than just a job. In sink to that end we provide you with superior Quality training and the opportunity to work with top fortune-500 company whole across US and various service practices on the latest cutting edge technology platforms.

Java R&D Labs is dedicated to providing employees with opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to grow and succeed in their careers. Developing software for our clients - among whom we count Fortune 500 companies - is a fast-paced, challenging and result-oriented endeavor. What Java R&D Labs offers you is an accelerated career path that you can yourself designs as you go along. We also offer a host of other tangible and intangible benefits that will transform you into a world class professional.

Jobs with Java R&D Labs

Java R&D Labs, an established IT consulting firm, seeks IT Project Managers/Team Leads and Software Quality Assurance and Management Analysts.  Project/team lead positions involve providing team direction and guidance with various client projects, particularly as they relate to quality assurance efforts for the development and testing of systems-level software applications or business process analysis functions.  Qualified applicants will possess a masterís degree or equivalent in computer science, engineering or a related field and relevant industry experience.  We will consider applicants with a relevant bachelorís degree and significant industry experience.  Technical QA and MA positions require a bachelorís degree in the mentioned fields and relevant industry experience.  We will consider candidates with several years of relevant industry experience for these positions. The technical environment for the positions typically includes Java, Weblogic, Oracle, Unix & all automated testing tools like Load Runner, Quick Test Pro & Test Director.  Positions are based out of companyís Falls Church, VA headquarters and may be subject to relocation throughout the US.  Please mail resume to Java R&D Labs Management Services, LLC, HR Dept., 7777 Leesburg Pike,  Ste 206S, Falls Church, VA  22043.

Key Features
Our employees come from various world class company experience such as
L & T
Our Professionals are from top universities
Johns Hopkins University
Univ. of Minnesota
University of Texas
Pennsylvania State University or Univ
University of Florida
Univ. of Maryland
University of Michigan
Georgia Institute of Technology
IIT's Mumbai
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