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Java R&D Labs keeps the pace with the new wave in retail banking, their customer-centric approach, where call centers, branch-banking and e-banking coverage to provide a "best of breed" approach to customers. Our objective is to deliver world class banking services serving the demand across all way to create and support a customer's positive experience.

AEBS®, the core banking solution from Java R&D Labs, with its 'service-oriented' architecture, helps you transform your business processes and optimize your enterprise-wide technology architecture. AEBS supports a variety of capabilities that allow easy development of interfaces in order to integrate AEBS across a range of operating environments in your bank. By managing all aspects of the customer relationship cycle and providing multi-faceted insights about your customers, AEBS ensures optimal levels of customer retention.

Core Modules and Services - The AEBS® core modules and services include the following

General Ledger Module, which is a user definable, multi-currency system that supports unlimited levels for account consolidation. It also provides period-based accounting and general ledger reports incorporating past period adjustments.

Comprehensive Customer Information System (CIS).
Flexible Management Information System (MIS) for obtaining meaningful, analytical reports to support management decisions.
Application Security through the use of the maker-checker concept.

Clearing & Settlement Module , with an integrated clearing interface for both Automated Clearing House (ACH) and manual clearing.

Functional Modules -AEBS® offers a complete range of functional modules for retail banking, including:
Current & Savings Accounts (CS) module , supporting a complete range of savings, current and overdraft accounts.
Deposits, handling a full range of products from term deposits to certificate deposits and recurring deposits
Retail, Personal Loans and Mortgages , supporting an entire loan life cycle--from origination to servicing and collections

Common Modules -The above modules are supported by the common modules.
Funds Transfer to process all types of internal incoming and outgoing funds transfers
Non-Performing Assets Management for complying with the regulatory guidelines on delinquent accounts
Inventory Management of bank stationery with tracking of individual users
Service Charges for application of interest, charges, commissions, fees, brokerage expense and taxes
Analytics for slicing and dicing the information and enabling the bank to make better decisions and increase profitability
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